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27 January 1983
I've realized I'm not really a journal person, and am really bad at committing to a website and posting in a regular fashion, so I think I'll just resurrect this journal to post random photos of my work. I've made all previous entries private- because it was an easy solution. I'm going to try and keep anything too personal out of this. I'm sorry I probably won't be responding to comments much or looking at my friends page. The previous paragraph has probably made me look like a jerk-off, but what can one do.

Me in a nutshell:
I work in the fashion and costuming fields, doing various freelance work as a cutter in film/theatre, as well as patternmaking for a designer named Saniya Khan. Currently I'm working as a technician (basically a cutter) at Canada's Wonderland, which is surprisingly awesome. I have a bachelor's degree in design and a college certificate in film and television costuming.

In my private life unrelated to this journal I'm a big transformers fangirl, amongst other geeky things. I'm quite shy and a bit of a hermit.